Barton Meters


Barton Meter w/Stand & handle
Pressure, Temperature & Differential Available

Barton Meters > Barton Meters for your gas measurement needs. We build to your specifications. When you call our offices you will never be sent to voice mail or to a never ending electronic phone system maze. On the contrary, McKinney Measurement is a friendly business that strives to offer the very best service in the oil & gas, measurement & control industry. So, for all your Barton Meter needs rely on our fast, friendly, professional, and experienced staff to help you.

We offer great prices & inventory on Barton Meters, whether they are new or reconditioned. We also offer Meters, Meter tubes, Valves, Meter houses, Turbine meters, P.D.meters, flow meters, thermowells, and much much more!! We proudly carry all color pens, and pressures of charts for your gas measurement needs. Our Barton Meters (202e,242) are built to your spec's to fit your needs,we can fit you with a meter package (Pressure,Temperature & or Differential)w/manifold,to fit on meter run and skid or with stand and handle for easy testing!!Please continue on to the rest of our website, where you will find more information about our stock of Barton Meters. Contact us for questions or help with any of our Barton Meters, please feel free to give us a call, we will be more than happy to help you.